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Name: Silver Powder 7440-22-4
Silvery metallic solid
Use: Trace analysis; Manufacture of silver and alloy; Catalyst; Reductant.
Product Name: Silver Powder
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Classification: Chlorate
Type: Potassium Perchlorate
CAS No.: 7778-74-7
Other Names: Potassium Perchlorate
EINECS No.: 231-912-9
Place of Origin: Shandong China ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
1. Caustic Soda 99%
2. We accept test such as SGS or BV
3. With in 15 days shipment
4. Production Quantity 9000MT MONTHLY

1. We are the chemical company with three chemical ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Product introduced:
Cobalt Powder, Gray black powder, odorless. Insoluble in water, no decomposition.
Its wettability and the blending effect when mix with WC is superior to ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
CAS No.: 12230-71-6
Other Names: Barium Hydroxide
MF: Ba(OH)2. H2O
EINECS No.: 241-234-5
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Sodium chlorite
1. CAS No.: 7758-19-2
2. Solid, Liquid
3. Content: 80% min, 90% min, 31% min, 25% min
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Molybdenum Powder
Appearance: Gray powder, no impurity naked eye can see.
Mesh size: Produced in conformity with the contract stipulations according to user ′ s request 7≥ ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Melting point (C): -30.6
Boiling Point (C): 146
Relative density (water = 1): 0.91
Relative vapor density (air = 1): 3.6
Vapor Pressure (kPa): 1.33 (30.8 C)
Heat of combustion ...
Min. Order: 22 Tons
Water treatment, food additive,
Min. Order: 18 Tons
The product is mainly used in plastic, rubber, paint, lubricants and emulsifier, fixed liquid for gas chromatography, solvent and plasticizer.
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Boiling point: 245 ° C,
Melting point: -6.5 ° C,
Freezing point: -10.45 ° C,
Flash point: 123.9,
Refractive index: 1.4472,
The relative density: 1.1184,
Min. Order: 20 Tons
CAS No.: 60-00-4
Other Names: Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
MF: C10H16N2O8
EINECS No.: 200-449-4
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
Type: Applied to complexing metal ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Fiber (Carpet, Textiles, Upholstery, etc. )
Film (Shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, etc. )
Blow Molding (Medical & Cosmetic container, Lubricant & Paint container, ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
25kgs per plastic woven bag
Min. Order: 18 Tons
MARK: SN99.90

Detailed Product Description

Tin Ingot 99.90 Sn 99.90 Tin Ingot ...
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
1. Name: Isopropyl Alcohol, 99.80%
2. CAS: 67-63-0
3. Structural Formula: (CH3)2CHOH
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Classification: Carboxylic Acid
CAS No.: 100-21-0
Other Names: Benzene-1, 4-dicarboxylic acid; P-Phthelic Acid; P-Phthalic acid;
MF: C8H6O4
EINECS No.: 100-21-0
Place of ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Classification: Titanium Dioxide
CAS No.: 13463-67-7
Other Names: Titanium Dioxide Rutile
MF: TiO2
EINECS No.: 236-675-5
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
Grade ...
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
1. Type: N220/N330/N550/N660.
2. CAS No: 1333-86-4
3. Place of origin: China
4. Standard: GB 3778-2003
5. Form: Black granule or powder
6. Process: Wet or dry process
7. ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
1. Mainly used for melting ingot
2. Discontinuous melting with scrap
3. Easy control and operation
4. Fast

Aluminum ingots ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Regular package or per your request
Delivery Detail: 20days after recive the prepayment

1. Zn (Min): 99.99%-99.995%
2. ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
1. Lithopone B311 30%
. Reach authentication
4. Manufacture price
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25kg/50kg woven bag or with the clients′ ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Tin powder with high quality Sn 99.95%
100, 200, 300, 500, 800, 1000mesh,
D50 10-15um
CNPC brand, factry price, OEM, good service
Tin powder

Grey silvery powder ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Lead Ingots
1. Ingot Weight: 25kg
2. Bundle Weight: 1, 050kg
3. Widely used
4. High quality

High pure Lead Ingots 99.97%
Standards: BSEN 12659: 1999
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Molecular Formul: C4H6O5
Molecular Weight: 134.09
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Boric Acid 99.6-100.8% is our strong item, and have passed through ISO9001: 2008Quality Management System Certification...
Molecular Formula: H3BO3
Molecular Weight: 61.83
CAS ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
It is mainly used as the glass decolorizing agent and the glass polishing agent, automotive catalysts, hydrogen storage material etc. It is also the raw material in making of metal ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
EINECS NO.: 233-135-0
CAS No.: 10043-01-3
HS. Code: 28332200
Molecular Formula: Al2(SO4)3
Appearance: It is white or grey flake, particle or massive crystallization.
Min. Order: 22 Tons